Screen Printing

Penny Royal Promotions is an Arizona based company offering affordable, high quality screen printing along with exceptional turn-around times. Our experienced staff takes pride in every print we deliver by using the highest quality inks, professional printing techniques and the best equipment on the market today.

We offer a full line of printing options including traditional plastisol inks, custom mixed pantone colors, water based inks, discharge, glitter, shimmer and other specialty effects to make your vision of your design come to life. We also offer CMYK, simulated process, neck tag printing, custom labeling and much more. Our large crew and facility can handle fast, large or small scale production and averages over 50,000 prints per month running automatic presses, manual presses and heat transfer machines.

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience in respect to quality and turn-around time to our customers to ensure that you’re fully satisfied and proud to share your gear with your friends and associates! Building strong relationships with our customers and delivering the best product possible is what drives us on a daily basis.

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Plastisol Screen Printing

Plastisol ink is the most commonly used ink/process in screen printing because of its versatility and ease of use. The ink sits on top of the garment giving off a very vibrant print on dark garments and can be modified to create a softer or vintage print on lighter garments. Plastisol inks have a wide variety of specialty options and ready to use colors. PMS or Pantone color matching is available!

Water Based Screen Printing

Water based ink is one of the most eco-friendly option available in screen printing. The ink soaks into the garment to create a very soft feel for a washed or vintage look. This ink type is not suitable for darker garments, and in most cases you will not be able to see the ink on the shirt at all. Medium-Light colored garments are best suited for water based ink. PMS color matching is available (on lighter garments only), however some fading will occur after washing. It is also common for the fibers of the shirt to show through the print making it appear “fuzzy” or distressed and this can vary depending on the garment. Please contact us for further information to see if this would be a good option for you!

Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge inks are similar to water based inks as they soak into the garment and leave a very soft feel of the logo on the shirt. The difference is that discharge ink includes an additive that actually “bleaches” out the dye in the shirt and leaves either the natural color of the cotton or a pigmented color. This method is typically only used on medium to darker garments and is only guaranteed on 100% cotton. The results are a very vibrant print that is incredibly soft to the touch. Much like water based inks, there will be some fading and fuzziness after the shirt is washed and worn. PMS color matching is available but will vary depending on the shirt color and shirt manufacturer. Certain colors used in the dying process do not produce a desirable effect (for example, using a white discharge on a red shirt will produce a lighter red print).

Process Screen Printing

4-Color Process Or CMYK Printing is probably the most complex of any printing process. This is usually done with jobs involving more than 6 ink colors or when a full color photograph or image needs to be broken down into its four constituent colors; cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

The only down side to 4 Color Process printing on apparel is that it only works on light colored shirts (the lighter the better, IE., White). Simulated Process Printing is a combination of Spot Color Printing and 4 Color Process Printing, this is done by printing spot colors with halftone dots to create the colors from the original image. This allows us to achieve a broader range of colors in the print while using less screens and keeping your cost down.

Process Printing was brought to the market in the 80’s as a great way to do photo realistic images on dark shirts. For instance a 50% yellow dot over blue will create green without having to use a whole new screen. This can be done on light garments and will require a white underbase on dark garments.

The shirt we most often recommend is Next Level 100% cotton black shirts (style # 3600), as they produce the most vibrant prints with very little fading and fuzziness. Please contact us for further information and to see if this would be a good option for you!

Direct to Garment

Our Direct To Garment printing technology enables us to print your logo directly on to your garment or product using a process that incorporates what is essentially an inkjet printer.  This enables us to print full color images, photographs, etc. in lifelike quality in low quantities at lower prices.

Digital direct to garment printing technologies are non-contact, meaning that media is printed on without hand contact, allowing for a more precise image.  This helps prevent image distortion.  The water-based ink used in this process absorbs directly into the fabric, making it softer than traditional silk screened products.  We can Direct to Garment print on both light and dark garments.

Let us be your stop the when you need a full color high resolution Direct to Garment print!